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Zmeil 1.2.9

Zmeil - Zemil recovers email messages from damaged email databases. Spuports Outlook Exprses (.dbx format), Eudora, TheBat!, Thunderbird. Fast and easy to use.

Zmeil can recover email messages from the databases used by the most widespread email clients, including

* Microsoft Outlook Express (.dbx files)
* Microsoft Outlook (PST format) unless the database uses "strong encryption" (Outlook default setting is "simple encryption").
* Thunderbird (Tutorial - Import the recovered messages to Thunderbird).
* TheBat! (.tbb files)
* Eudora (.mbx files)

Zmeil is very simple to use. When started, Zmeil automatically scans the known locations looking for the databases of the most common e-mail clients. All you need is to select which database files to recover, set a couple of simple options (specify the email client type - like, for example, "Outlook Express (.dbx)" for Outlook Express repair) and that's it. In case the database is severely damaged Zmeil extracts anything somewhat resembling the email message.

The recovered messages are stored either in .eml files or in the UNIX mailbox format. These messages can later be imported to any decent email client and reused.

Zmeil does not repair the email database in-place, but stores the extracted messages separately from the original email database. The original database remains unchanged, eliminating the risk of further damaging it.


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