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VersaCheck Platinum 2008

Business and Home Finance Management - the easy way!
Works stand-alone and with Quicken, QuickBooks, Money and other accounting software!

* Certified for Windows Vista?
* Unlimited phone support from VersaCheck experts after product validation
* Auto correction/generation of bank addresses/fractional routing numbers
* Multi-bank accounts eBanking
* Active Check Server? supports up to 5 simultaneous users!?
* One-pass check printing from Quicken?, Quickbooks? and Money?
* VersaCheck EZ-Scan - Instantly set up checking accounts.
* Check Designer Pro? - Unlimited Design Capabilities
* Create drafts and checks by phone and fax
* Schedule your bill payments
* Create and manage estimates, invoices, and statements
* Quickly track and manage customer payments
* Checks sent by email feature!
* Financial business reports
* Create custom business cards.
* Includes 150 checks!

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