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Sony Realshot Manager v4.3.1.12

Sony RealShotâ„¢ Manager 4.0 brings Intelligent Video Analysis capability to IP based monitoring systems
Oct 5, 2006
Sophisticated software solution delivers co-ordinate based alarms as part of proactive monitoring solution

Basingstoke, UK, 10th October 2006 -Sony today announced the latest version of its award-winning IP monitoring software, RealShotâ„¢ Manager 4.0. This new version of the application has been developed with the detection needs and workflow considerations of professionals in mind and enables Sony Intelligent Video Analysis.
This new inbuilt capability within the latest version of RealShot Manager takes information from Sony intelligent IP network cameras and proactively directs security professionals to the threat within a frame of video. It uses precise co-ordinates and a special easy to see highlight box to grab the security operative's attention. Operating in real time, RealShot Manager 4.0 enables operatives to take control of a situation rapidly.
Part of the DEPA technology platform
The RealShot Manager 4.0 software works on the Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture (DEPA) platform and integrates well within a robust, end-to-end workflow that pushes information to the security operative enabling faster security decision making process. RealShot Manager 4.0 is also very easy to use and requires minimal training.
"RealShot Manager 4.0 is the front end of our intelligent DEPA monitoring solution," explained Simon Nash, European Product Manager of Sony Network Video Monitoring. "While our cameras detect motion and objects and share the image processing workload, RealShot Manager enables operatives to analyse, assess and take appropriate action. The software pushes information to the operative and makes the task of monitoring more manageable. This is becoming increasingly important as the number of cameras on the typical IT network continues to grow."
Sony Intelligent Video Analysis
Powered by the advanced capabilities of Sony Real Shot Manager 4.0 and the metadata rich capabilities of its DEPA enabled intelligent cameras, Sony Intelligent Video Analysis puts true decision making power into the hands of the security operative.
"We've listened to customer and partner feedback and have integrated the ability to pinpoint with the highest degree of accuracy, using specific co-ordinates and push the precise location of a threat to the security operative's field of view. This gives organisations the added comfort that events that could have been missed, will now be picked up with Sony Intelligent Video Analysis," said Nash.
Building on the best
Many of the benefits of previous versions of RealShot Manager have been retained in version 4.0. The motion detection function can trigger an alarm or perform a variety of other actions such as locking doors or turning on lights. Using an advanced Sony algorithm, the system can also determine whether or not there is movement, which significantly reduces the chance of a false alarm caused by noise or visual disturbance.
In addition to sophisticated monitoring functions, version 4.0 is a scalable system. Large numbers of cameras can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world. By configuring the product within a client/server architecture, the system can satisfy a number of specific application requirements.


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