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Schillergames Real Desktop 1.32a-DVT

Real Desktop gives your ordinary desktop new life
and turns it into
a Real Desktop. Enjoy the fascinating dynamics with
graphic rendition on your desktop.

The reality for your Windows PC

Let enchant you of this fascinating adventure and
enter into a
living three-dimensional world. Your icons behave
now, thanks
to the powerful physics-engine, like real objects
that you can
touch and move as on a real desk.

In this version, you can enjoy the full-function
Change the design of real-desktop, select your
personal wallpaper
as a wall-image, and use advanced features such as
the scaling of
symbols, throw files into folders, the camera
position-changing and
much more!


# Functionality

* Change the size of the icons
* Rotate automatically into normal direction
* Fade automatically file names in/out
* Show or hide filenames
* Move files directly into folders
* Storage and management of snapshots (icon order)
* Drag & Drop
* Multimonitoring Support
* 3D Sound
* Activatable Antialiasing
* No performance losses with resting condition of
the symbols
* Very less resources needed
* Very efficient, thanks to the "Reality Engine"

# Design

* Reflecting surface
* Different wastebaskets
* Storage and management of different themes
* Icons are reflecting the environment
* Any desired wallpaper as a picture at the wall,
which is shown with inactivity
* Different background and icon styles
* Own graphics are integrate able
* Different light directions are selectable
* Extended lighting attitudes

# Languages

* German
* English
* French
* Italian
* Spanish
* Croatian
* Hungarian
* Swedish
* Portuguese
* Dutch
* Polish
* Romanian
* Malay
* Turkish
* Albanian
* Danish
* Catalan
* Valencian
* Afrikaans



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