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Preee 3.18

Its not only an autotrader but also dupechecker, rls-search, rls-fxp, ftp-gui, news-checker, update-checker, irc-client, icq-client, pre-engine, spead-engine.

changes since last public release (yes alot this time):

* Again thanks to all the friends in our little beta
* channel for the bug reports.

- new: code clean up for the new public build
- new: logs will be packed in a thread to stop the startup delay
- new: rule changes and requests and so on will be added to news-box now
(in case you have no irc to see these changes)
- new: proper announce of a rls-delete after nuke
- new: better skip-due-to-low-speed announce
- fix: under wine some ppl reported problems with never-fxp list
(handeld differently under wine now)
- new: ability to delete siterule-items by keyboard (attention, no query)
- new: auto fill requests get announced in default channel now
- fix: config form is synced now when switching sites on/off in main form
- new: "dl only if more than xx mb credits" can be increased to 400000MB now
- new: xbmc scrapers updated
- fix: some problems with mutitrade
- fix: internal cleanup of code
- new: if a mp3 genre is no known id3-tag genre (maybe extracted from nfo),
it will be skiped as long as a valid one is known
- new: less cpu usage under multitrade
- new: option to set external tor ip/host
- new: better thread exception handling
- fix: port issue
- new: another check for backfill added
if a path has e.g. /0day/$month$day , then its of course not
allowed to ul a rls there that is 2 days old during auto-trade.
- fix: rule checking issues under multitrade
- new: better fxp speed ........


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