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James Murphy - Convergence 1996

FULL NAME: James Franklin Murphy
PLACE OF BIRTH: Portsmouth, Virginia USA
BIRTH DATE: July 30th, 1967
PROFESSION: Guitarist, recording engineer/producer,
and guitar teacher (pre-illness)
HOBBIES: Reading, collecting vinyl and CD's, computers,
playing basketball and of course playing guitar and
recording (pre-illness)
FAVE BOOKS: The Worldly Wisdom Of Baltasar Gracian
(16th century writings of a renegade franciscan friar),
The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, Art To Choke
Hearts by Henry Rollins, The Listening Book by W. A. Mathieu, etc.
FAVE MOVIES: A Clockwork Orange, Brazil, 12 Monkeys,
This Is Spinal Tap, etc.
GUITARS: Mainly Ibanez, but also sometime uses Gibson and Fender
AMPS: Marshall JCM 2000 heads and cabinets


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