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JExpress 7.1.3 Multilingual

JExpress lets you build international installers and
updaters. You can easily design custom installers using
Java to configure the target system or run third party
programs, such as MySQL. Your customers run a native
installer and launch your Java app by selecting a menu
item or clicking on an icon. Your product stays up-to-date
with the built-in auto-updater.
Use a familiar graphical interface to:
deliver international installers and updaters
auto-update your customers
install the JVM, if needed
adapt the look and feel to your style
customize the installers and updaters
support multiple install types or components
design Java servlet installers
find the exact classes used by your app(let)
build your directory tree and JAR files
create Swing, cross platform installations
and even upload files to your web or ftp site!



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