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FileDownloader 4.04 Unlimited Version

Updated for free download, with a Deposit, and other similar rapidy file. Now the possibility of working with There is support for downloading files larger than 500 MB. The set - Plug-in for Firefox.

There's no need to wait for the download queue or buy expensive monthly Premium Account. Of course, you can buy Premium Account, but only the most popular services around 8 pieces, in order of their total hundreds! The average price of a Premium Account approximately $ 10 per month. So the order of $ 80 for 8 sites. Agree - absurdly expensive!
You can add an unlimited number of links. The status of each of them displayed in real time. Immediately after adding the link, check it happens, the process is accompanied by a placard next to the file 'Getting File Info'. Successful verification, displaying the file size and status is changed to 'Ready to download'. To start downloading files audited highlight them and click 'Download'. During the 60 seconds will begin downloading.



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