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Fantastic Flame Screen Saver v7.0.1.800

Fantastic Flame Screen Saver v7.0.1.800 This award-winning screensaver generates a realistic fire effect. The flame is sensitive to the background, so each item on your desktop - including icons and all open windows - will appear to catch on fire, glowing and emitting a smoke effect.

Features of the screensaver
# True mathematical algorithm of the screensaver generates a very realistic real-time fire effects.
# Unlimited number of color combinations of the fire. Really FANTASTIC flame! Additional fire parameters such as wind gust speed and direction and burning intensity.
# Flexible presets system. A lot of ready fire styles comes included.
# The screensaver includes a comfortable fire effects editor with a real-time flame preview.
# 'Random' fire style. You never get tired of watching!
# Lots of awesome fire backgrounds!
# Changing the flame styles and background images periodically in the full-screen mode. A pretty fine effect - burning images to another ones!
# Nice fire sound. There are 9 different fire sounds to choose from. Be aware! Your guests can think you have a big camp fire in your house! (Of course, you're able to mute the sound!).
# Ability to choose any music for playing while the screensaver is running full-screen. Listen your favorite music with the sound of fire in the background! Just watch and relax! Some music titles come included.
# You can take snapshots of your burning desktop anytime. Get fire screenshots with one key press!
# Controlling the screensaver in the full-screen mode. Turning fire sound and music on/off, loading next flame styles and backgrounds, and even changing the fire intensity and wind direction available!
# Full dual monitor support. Danger! Fire around!
# A special feature which allows to launch Fantastic Flame Screensaver anytime you want by pressing a hotkey. Let's scare your friend!
# And at last, Fantastic Flame Screensaver loads your system less than most of animated 3D screensavers



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