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Altova Diffdog Enterprise 2009 1.0

Altova DiffDog® 2009 is the unique diff / merge utility for files, directories, and database tables. This powerful, easy-to-use diff merge tool lets you quickly compare and merge text or source code files, synchronize directories, and compare database tables via its straightforward visual interface. Uniquely, it also provides advanced XML-aware differencing and editing capabilities.

Developers and power users need a tool for identifying differences quickly and easily so that they can focus on more productive tasks. DiffDog empowers you to compare XML or source code files in an instant, then merge changes with a click of the mouse. Quick Comparison lets you efficiently compare two directories with huge quantities of files, then immediately open and edit any unequal file pair in a side-by-side view. Reconnect your laptop to the office network and sync up files in seconds.


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